Our APQ-10-certified premises, opened at the end of 2019, have a surface area of 4,000 m2 and can store Class 2, 3, 6, 8, 9 and 5.1 dangerous goods. All our operations are governed by SEVESO regulations in order to prevent serious accidents.

Our premises boast a 24-hour surveillance service and the latest measures required by fire safety regulations.

Bespoke logistics

We provide bespoke handling and picking services for each client and we can carry out their secondary processes, such as cleaning, programming and optimisation of products to put them back into service.

We also provide labelling, quality control, palletising, shrink wrapping and boxing services, among others.


  • APQ-10 throughout the premises
  • Customs warehouse: in addition to conventional goods, we provide a specialised service in the chemical industry for goods classified as dangerous (ADR/IMDG).
  • ROPOfor the transport and storage of phytosanitary products.
  • ROESB for the storage of biocides.
  • Food safety register:additives and raw materials for the food and feed industries.

Stock control

Goods are stored on metal shelves and controlled by computer. This provides reliable and real-time information on each client’s stock and means that we can prepare the orders leaving our warehouse with their corresponding controls for picking, FIFO, expiry dates, etc.

We can adapt to the client’s computer system and provide online communications for the reception, preparation, control and delivery of orders. What’s more, clients can view their stock in real time via our website.

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